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School of Continued Learning

The School of Continued Learning creates programmes for three levels of professionals. All programmes are designed keeping in mind the learning goals essential for their present and future success, and delivered in a manner that blends in with their ecosystem to maximise utility.

  • SCoRe provides on-site trainings to organizations looking to upskill their teams in the field of PR and Corporate Communications.
  • Our Continued Learning Program offers alumni and industry professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge through specialized workshops, masterclasses, and short-term courses.

Continued Learning

PR 101

Crash Course in Public Relations for those moving into PR from journalism, advertising & other allied fields.

Reputation Management

Workshops on Media Relations, Campaign Planning, Digital Media, Measurement, Policy Communications & more

New Media and Technology

Workshops to empower professionals to leverage new tech such as AI, ChatGPT, Digital & Data Analytics tools.

Workplace Skills

Workshops on building proficiency with basic tools for content, data analytics, documentation, design & more

ChatGPT and AI

Trained 1000+ Employees of a PR Firm on AI, ChatGPT and applications thereof towards productivity, analysis and automation.

Certification in ChatGPT with Global Alliance

ChatGPT has taken the world BY STORM. And Prompt Design & Engineering will be one of the most important skills of the near future.

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Our Corporate Learners

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Being at the fulcrum of the PR & communications business and education, we at SCoRe constantly discover pressing questions in the science of reputation management, and strive to unravel their solutions. SCoRe Insights works with organisations to produce thought leadership content on pertinent issues related to public relations and reputation management.

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Our PG Diploma Programme in Public Relations and Corporate Communications has a track record of attracting top-tier recruiters from leading PR agencies, corporate communication departments, and organisations.

Explore the list of prominent recruiters who have hired our graduates and discover exciting career opportunities in the PR industry. We maintain strong relationships with our recruiters, ensuring that our graduates have access to a wide range of employment prospects.

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Recruitment Test (NCAT-R)

NCAT-R is an assessment test conducted by SCoRe for recruitment in professional PR (Public Relations) and corporate communication firms.

The test is designed to evaluate candidates' skills, knowledge, and aptitude in these fields to identify the best-suited candidates for roles in PR and corporate communication firms.

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