Your Recommendation

At the School of Communication and Reputation (SCoRe), we highly value the insights and experiences of our students and alumn.

As individuals who have personally experienced our nurturing, convenient, and career-focused environment, you are the best ambassadors for our institution. By sharing your positive encounters at SCoRe with friends or family, you have the power to inspire and motivate others to embark on a journey of realizing their full potential.We wholeheartedly encourage all SCoRe students and alumni to take pride in your accomplishments and extend an invitation to someone you know to participate in our Student Referral Program.

Our Student Referral Program is designed to be simple and hassle-free. Just provide our admissions staff with the basic contact information of the referred student using the email provided below, and we will handle the rest. participate in our Student Referral Program.

Our admissions team will reach out to the referred student, furnishing them with all the necessary information regarding the application process or transferring from another institution.

Here's how the process works:

The referring student sends an email, which includes details of the referred student.

Both the referring student and the referred student will receive an email confirmation of the submitted referral, once the Admission Council verifies that the referred student has not previously inquired or applied to SCoRe at the time the referral was made. If you are referring multiple students, kindly send a separate email for each individual.

Here are the criteria and rules for participation:

  • Applicants cannot refer themselves.
  • The referred student must enroll within 2 weeks of the referral form being received by the SCoRe Admission team.
  • A referral is only considered if the institute does not already have an earlier enquiry or application from the referred student, regardless of the intake or program or the source of the referral.
  • If multiple referrals are received for a prospective student, the first one received will be recognized. There is nolimit to the number of referrals that a student or alumni of SCoRe can make. Once the referred student is admitted and completes the admission, the referring student or alumni of SCoRe will receive the incentive.

All correspondence related to this programshould be conducted via email at The decision of the Admission Council will be final concerning referral eligibility.


If the referred student applies and enrolls in the PGD Public Relations programme at SCoRe and pays the admission fee , you will be eligible for an incentive of ₹10,000 per confirmed admission.

We appreciate your valuable contribution and trust in our institution. Together, we can create a network of exceptional individuals who are passionate about communication and reputation.