SCoRe Students' Campaign Building: Empowering Through Awareness

Welcome to the SCoRe Students' Social Impact Initiative. Over the past three months, the passionate students of SCoRe have been leading a remarkable campaign to spread awareness about Foster and Forge Foundation. Let's delve into their dedicated efforts and the profound impact they've had on our community.

About SCoRe and Foster and Forge Foundation

As a part of a powerful social initiative, the students of SCoRe have taken on the mission to amplify the voice of Foster and Forge Foundation (FnF). Guided by the belief that every child holds the potential to positively influence their environment and contribute significantly to their country's growth, FnF is dedicated to providing the opportunity for children to explore their potential and become inspired role models. The support of a network of 575,000 teachers plays a revolutionary role in accelerating learning and shaping capable citizens.